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Who is the new Principal Secretary of BTC, Kokrajhar? Read to know the Answer

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Who is the new Principal Secretary of BTC? This question has obviously cropped up in the minds of the people of BTC after the Governor of Assam Prof. Jagadish Mukhi has taken over the administration of BTC after the expiry of the present Council's term came to an end on 27th April, 2020. Read on to know the full details.

The Governor through a notification issued by Dr. M Angamuthu, Commissioner & Secretary of WPT&BC department on 27th April, 2020 has appointed Rajesh Prasad, Principal Secretary to the Government of Assam to exercise all the functions and powers exercisable by the BTC and its Executive Committee, CEM, Dy. CEM, Speaker, Dy Speaker and EMs, subject to such directions as may be issued by him from time to time.

Rajesh Prasad will have to perform his duties under the superintendence, direction and control of the Governor. He has been designated as the Administrator of BTC.

Also, as per the notification No. TAD/BTC/218/2017/98 dated Dispur the 27th April 2020 issued by the Department of Welfare of Plains Tribes and Backward Classes, Government of Assam, Siddhartha Singh, IAS Commissioner and Secretary, PHE, MD, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Mission etc. has been posted as the Principal Secretary of Bodoland Territorial Council, Kokrajhar.

Details in Brief:

1. Who is the new Principal Secretary of BTC or Who is the Current Principal Secretary of BTC, Kokrajhar? Dr. Siddhartha Singh, IAS is the new Principal Secretary of BTC, Kokrajhar.

2. Who is the current Administrator of BTC? Rajesh Prasad, IAS is the current Administrator of BTC.

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  1. There's no Official Contact details relating to BTC Secretariat or Principal Secretary BTC. I will be thankful if the contact details is provided if possible.

    1. Visit Bodoland Secretariat, Bodofa Nwgwr, Kokrajhar.